Bacon's Thump Thumper

1st Song:

Technologic - Draft Punk

2nd Song:

Where’s your head at? - Basement Jaxx

Should I add the material changer and randomize colorer?

As a new mode, yes.

video please!

There is a video. Look at the top. Been there for days now.

What about your bunker buster. Will we see that one soon too?

Yes. Just finishing it. Making sure it works multi-player too.

It does. Somehow my brother has it on his server. I want it too! cry

How nice. That’s really what somebody wants to hear when releasing their (awesome) first swep. Because i’m sure if he had created a pistol that shoots 1000000 bullets doing 10000 damage like most other peoples first’s each it’d be a much better contribution. [/sarcasm]

Slightly more on topic: This is awesome! Especially considering it’s your first released. I’m sure you’ll go far in lua.

So what about them SWEPS. How did My brother get them?

How come the burn effects and the “lifting into the air” effects don’t affect Hunters?

I don’t know. In the next version I’ll try to fix it.

nardix: I didn’t know he was your brother. And because I needed a real server to test it on.

Please release it!

Fine. I guess it’s done, but first do you want my anti-duplicator script on it so it doesn’t work for non-admins no matter what.

Wow. You just had to tell minges the exploit, didn’t you?


And, use one of the portal storm effects. the one that distorts stuff. If you have played EP:2, you know hwta I am talking about (also if you have the info particle system).

Very good job for a first SWEP.

Cool! Thanks! Send them both. Do I need to PM you my address?

I don’t think you should make this change the color, and material of props, it’s good the way it is.

For showing effective range, how about drawing a full semi-visible circle. At ground level, it’s hard to judge range with the line. Just a suggestion

Am I the only one who thinks the music is awesome on the video? :v:

This SWEP delivers, downloaded.

I like this swep!

Why bump this?

Anyways, this swep looks like nothing new.