BAD ADMINS/BAD SERVER...[US West] Sleep/PVP, Active Admins ( No Level One Steam Accounts)

Hello, Me and my friends just got banned for no reason from this server. The name of the server is [US West] Sleep/PVP, Active Admins ( No Level One Steam Accounts). Me and my buddies killed a few people and they started calling aimbot on us. The admin banned us without any proof. BAD ADMINS! I would highly suggest to not play on this server!! I have heard other reports too from others about how bad the admin/server is! Just trying to help you out so you dont waste your time!!

When we tried to contact admin about why we got banned he sent us one message and then deleted/blocked us on steam.

10:25 PM - TheChickenMan (1): hackers are not premitted on my server have a good day , you are not a fair player have fun with your vac ban

Again dont play on this server unless you wanna waste your time! BAD ADMINS!!!