Bad argument #2

Now I´ve got an Error, that I haven´t seen before:

[ERROR] addons/ttt sudden death - newage/lua/autorun/suddendeathmatch.lua:38: bad argument #2 to ‘Simple’ (function expected, got number)

  1. Simple - [C]:-1
  2. unknown - addons/ttt sudden death - newage/lua/autorun/suddendeathmatch.lua:38

Well and that´s the line: timer.Simple(“LetsBeginTheFun”,15, function()…


Read up on

timer.Simple. And don’t make a thread for the same issue, unlock your old one and ask on that.

timer.Simple cannot receive a name.
It’s arguments are:

  1. Number: In how many seconds do you want the code to execute
  2. Function: The code to execute