[BAD-ASS GAMING] [US-EAST[PVP]1/2 Craft|DS|NSlp|BreakAll|MAP|PVP/Raid Events [Up To Date Mods] [Active/Helpful Admins] [NO ABUSE]

Top Rust Servers Link: http://toprustservers.com/server/470
Connect To Server: Press F1 in game menu and paste > net.connect
**Server Name: **[US-EAST[PVP]1/2 Craft|DS|NSlp|BreakAll|MAP|PVP/Raid Events
Slots: 50 (Soon to increase)
Steam Group for direct messaging to an admin (Group Chat) http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BAG-RUST

- Admins | Active - No abuse
- Oxide
- 1/2 Craft time
- Fall Damage - ON
- PVP | ON
- DoorShare | ON
- Sleepers | OFF
- Private Messaging | ON | Allows players to talk to each other privately
**- Starter Kit **| OFF
- Air drops | ON (Air drops are currently set to 10 players)
- Item Redemption | If for some reason the server messes up and you lose your stored items we will reimburse you provided you have evidence (screenshot or videos of loot)
- Wipes | When gameplay becomes stagnant. NEVER WITHOUT WARNING
- /Location - Server now supports autolocation, this is live GPS tracking of your location in our server. Log into http://www.rustnuts.com/ with steam and then type /location in the server. Your location will be tracked on 10 second intervals.
- Ability to DESTROY ANYTHING. If you misplace a pillar or are griefed an admin can demolish pillars/ceilings/foundations


Use /help for all other FAQ i.e.

**/who **to see how many players are online.
/history for previous chat entries.
/share and /unshare to control access to your doors. e.g. /share “name” and /unshare “name”
/pm to send a private message (/re to respond)


PVP Arena!

We have** FFA PVP matches of 10 or more** players with random weapons.
-Some rounds are old weapons some are new, we play all sorts of different ways.
-Zombies to be added for increased challange
-Gear provided. No need to loose your gear for the events.
-Prizes go out to winners.

RAID Events! (Soon to come)
Raid events will be an event where one large house with multiple points of entry is raided by 3 different teams simultaneously. Their goal is to find the one crate with loot and return it to their start point to win. Players must be careful however because running into members of the other group could be fatal, even after you think you’ve won!

PVE Events (Soon to come)
Two words. Zombie pit.

Played this server today, pretty bad ass. Friendly admins, and the pvp arena was really fun. We had 10 or 15 people battling it out for a few different prizes. I even won a customized gun of my choice. Immediately added it to my favorites.

Thanks for the post, gman!


Mid-day BUMP! Join now and I’ll give you some supplies to help get you started. Contact me via game chat!


Bump… WE’RE UPDATED! Play now!

Bump! Running great with update!