Bad Company 2 Green Screen pose.

'Ello, FacePunch! I attempted to create a Bad Company 2 green-screen pose, and I’d like your input.

I know I have green around the edges. I really don’t know how to get rid of that completely.

(Made using paint.NET)

Turn off bloom to remove the green.

Forget Use GIMP. SOOOOOO much better - and it’s free.
On picture: posing is stiff, work on that a bit.

Ah, thanks! Didn’t know it would have been as simple as that.


Okay, thanks for the input!

background doesn’t fit the character, lighting is way off, and I wouldn’t be standing there while a helicopter is blowing everything the fuck up.

when the pic was loading, i was like holy shit man nice work!, then i saw the whole thing and the fact that that was only the background…

the lighting doesn’t match and the posing could be better

I gotcha. I’ll try practicing more and hopefully, soon, I’ll be able to post a better one.

Posing needs* A LOT* of work.