Bad Company 2 Vietnam Models

I know that this game is old but it is still one of my favorites. If anyone still has the models or can get them, please give them to me, that would be awesome!

I already did that:

Any chance getting character models?

They were deformed and unrigged. When the tool for fixing deformations comes up we can have someone rig them.

Since it hasnt come up yet, i doubt it will ever come up. Shame, Those were really nice.

Thanks but the thing is I would like to have all of the models, not just WWII. Vehicles, and weapons. Don’t need characters or anything. Also I would like it extracted from steam if possible, I just can’t seem to do it myself.

If you scrolled down the thread I sent you, you would have noticed I already did the Vietnam stuff.

Yes I saw. But like I said, I can’t export it from steam. Please do that if you can and/or have the time.

Use Steam Workshop Downloader. It’s in that thread as well.

The gma’s are corrupted with SWD, you can extract the content of the package anymore. It really only works with the SFM workshop.

GMA’s still extract fine for me.

Would it be possible for you to get things such as the houses, trees, Ect?

Not at this time.

Alright, what about the M16?

It’s in the pack I linked you.

Hello you can send models helecpter and tank please Thank

my gmail :

No it’s not in the pack unless I missed it. Only weapon not there.

The “M16” in Bad Company 2 Vietnam is not an M16. It’s a Colt Model 715, so that’s what I named it.

Ooohhh thx for the help.