bad company auto injector

I need somone to make the auto injector from bad company.

What is it ?
It is a weapon you have unlimited of that you use to inject yourself with. It gives you full health but canot be used again for about 25 seconds.

Sadly I have no model to give you.

I canot find a video or a picture of it but it just looks like this.

First of all, we need a syringe model which has a view model, and a world model with bones on the model where the hands are attatched.

Seeing as you don’t have the model as you said, it would be easier to provide us with a model that you want.

I know this would require TF2, but wouldn’t it be possible to use the medics syringes for this?(The needlegun-bullets)

Yeah those models would be good to use.

They wouldn’t work. You’d have to make a view model.

there’s a way to put a model on your view to “fake” a viewmodel

that was done with this:

who cares if there’s no hand holding it lol

I gues it doesnt have to be perfect I just want something like it.

Yeyy! I had an idea that someone approved! :smiley:

well I dono if anyone is going to make this.

Just hope somone is kind enouth to make it :slight_smile:

Probably not, I don’t know why though, it doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to script…

That was what I was thinking when I made the post. I gues even if it is not hard to do it is if you want to make it.