Bad Company


I was wondering if anyone out there has or knows of any Battlefield Bad Company ragdolls?

I would very much appreciate it if anyone would reply, please do hurry.

I can not seem to find them anywhere and was just asking for any help,

Thank you.

Sincerly DaysBefore, dictated not read.

That’s Xbox 360 only, and I’m pretty sure it’s near impossible to port things from 360.

you would have to modle it from scratch



There is a way to port from the 360, but I don’t know it. Just wait for Bad Company 2- it’s also on the PC this time.

Then how the heck have I played it then? I got a PS3 :tinfoil:

It’s very very very very hard to port from the 360, and it’s even harder to port from the PS3, so you better wait until BC2.

Not going to be done. The time it would take is not worth the outcome.

Thank you all for replying (damn my Canadian Politeness) and I appreciate any tries for the models you may have made.

I was wondering if someone could grab the models from the PC Beta ( do not know aboot releas date yet) and post em’ in this thread

Sincerly DaysBefore, dictated not read.

I think the PC beta is coming out sometime in 2010.


It’s actually available to buy March 2, 2010, so I’m sure you’ll see some models when it comes out.

Jan 28th for the PC beta, hoping for some models.

you got me all hype for Battlefield: Bad Company 2!..again

Pc betas out, expectin models, if it’s ok

I tried ripping from the beta and the UV maps don’t export, which basically means it’s impossible to put textures on it without making new UV maps that are basically impossible to get exactly to fit with the textures.

I am, however, working on a remake of this fellow using a bunch of CoD4 parts.

That would be, INTENSE, waiting very hopefully, good work and luck.