Bad Company?

I know Bad Company isn’t as popular as Modern Warfail, but why are there no models, I know you can’t rip certain textures and whatever, but you guys can find another way, I mean, your awesome at wat you do.

Sincerly DaysBefore

No it’s not the textures we can’t rip, it’s the UV maps for the models; which means it’s impossible to apply the textures and have them aligned. You would have to re-UV it, and to get it to look similar to the original UV is nearly impossible and just not worth trying. The very best we can do is create hacks from other models from other games to look like the Bad Company models, or create them from scratch which is even harder.

I still think it’s worthy to rip at least the models. Any skilled modeler can uv map them again, even if it won’t be the same. Then some skinners can do their best to create some decent diffuse maps.

What about the sounds? That’s what I’m most interested in getting my hands on.

I don’t think you can understand how hard it is to UV map something, let alone that many models.

Sounds are probably easier to get a hand of.

Believe me I know how difficult it is to UV map. I have enough trouble with it on simple map props. What I’m saying is that any a modeler that’s skilled enough can do them, even though it’s difficult. It’s the lack of incentive that’s the main issue.

I don’t think there is anybody skilled enough on this forum who also wants to do this and go through the trouble.

It’s not worth it.

Really? Cause I could have sworn there were plenty of really good modelers in the Gmod community.

Yes, there are some skilled modelers in the gmod community and UV mapping can be difficult sometimes. Character models are amongst the most difficult to uv. Skilled modelers are going to take their time to properly uv models, which isn’t a quick process. The fact is, nobody in their right mind is going to spend their time redoing all of the models UVs.

Yes, and I wholeheartedly agree with you. Like I said, it’s the lack of incentive.

I wish they could be ripped, they are damn sexy models.