Bad fps in rust ?

Greetings, I am a… Quite old player of rust, well, I did play a lot lately… I used to get around 20-30 fps, but after a while of stopping the game, I seem to get only 10 fps, alright, my computer is bad and it’s not the best gaming computer ever, but I can play skyrim and just cause just fine, I think there should be a way to get the maximum fps possible over a crappy result, or a non-graphic taking setting, like WoW, for exemple, which is playable on any computer … I get 10 fps and it can go much worser, can’t kill anyone because of the lags, have a lot of trouble fighting a wolf or any monster of the PvE environment, the game is, for me a really fun game and I do enjoy it even though I get horrible fps, but I thought it would be great to make the game accessible to everyone (I can play Gmod, and lots of games on my steam library for 30 fps easily even though my computer suck.

In just cause 2 I get 17 fps while moving and in high air with lots of data around, of course I’m at low setting, but I don’t see why it should be higher than rust when moving! I get like, 3 fps while moving in rust, this is terrible… (17 is the lowest fps I had in just cause 2 since I bought it, 3 fps is the worst I got on rust… Why when just cause is a bigger, more information and a fucking parachute + hook feature, why in the hell is rust 3 fps when it’s just walking with a pistol? I’d really like playing rust with a bit more fps, and I’m probably not the only one who can’t afford a gaming pc.

here’s my config:

buy new pc nerd

-force-d3d11 -force-feature-level-9-3 -popupwindow

Put in launch commands.

Say bye bye to sky. Hello 60 fps.

trinityy, have you tried bringing up the console (F1) and running this command: grass.on false

It gets rid of all the grass and may give you a few more frames per second.

With this being what looks like a laptop you’re limited on options. Your best bet is to turn the grass off using the grass.on false command. Also launching the game in a lower setting might help. Disabling AV during game play might free up a few fps as well. Update the video drivers. AMD’s latest are the 13.12’s for desktop, but I am willing to bet that they have the same one for mobile as well. Setting windows power mode to high performance will keep the cpu from throttling and could net a few extra fps as well.

Other than the above there isn’t much more you can do with the current setup. Now you can for $4-600 USD build a well performing desktop that will play most games at a good FPS. You won’t be able to run at max settings but the vast majority of games will play decently for a system built in that price range.