Bad framerates?

I’m getting around 120-130 fps. I know i souldent be complaining. But i have a 285gtx. and i think i should be getting better preformance.

I have

i7 920
evga 28 5gtx
6gm ddr3 ram 1600mhz

Any help is appreceated

Quit complaining. Im on a 7300 LE. Im only getting 25 on a good day.

>_> Im not

Dont post pointless comments

YOU QUIT COMPLAINING if i’m really lucky i get to 25 otherwise i have a computer from like 2002 jesus shut up.

You have 100 fps and you say that you have BAD FRAMERATES? What FPS you want? 500 fps? I have 20-70 fps and i’m not complaining (anymore) Human eye can’t see any difference if its 60-200 fps.
If you really want that 200 fps, try to defrag your hard drive.

OMG! THAT IS A BAD FRAMERATE? ITS PERFECT! I have 60 and im perfectly fine with it, you have 120-130 FPS and you say that is bad. Most people play with under 30 FPS.

Ahhh 130 is junk…I get 262.3 FPS with AA 16x on 1680x1050 I blow all of you out of the water…source is so easy on my system.

Just help me…

I was about to say exactly the same as you.
I even have about the same FPS as you.
And the same resolution.


How abou you HELP

Not spam


Really, you don’t need more than 130 fps.

Your screen is probably not capable of showing more than 60fps, so it won’t make any difference.


But if you are so goddamn desperate, try ending some processes while playing, like Explorer.exe, and then restart it when you’re done playing.

He’s trying to break record.

120 is fine, but on this old box, Radeon 3850, Athlon 64 LE-1620, y’know, 2.4 GHz (I have overclocked to 2.8 though…) and running XP SP3, 32-bit, I get over 80 at all times.

Make sure that:
Graphics drivers are up to date.
No programs using CPU a lot in background.
No viruses (do a virus check)

Also make sure that steam is not downloading anything in the background and sometimes addons can slow down fps a lot

Here is something that most people overlook, Garry’s mod is a CPU HUNGRY GAME. So your cpu might be bottle necking your gpu or visa versa.

That is whats going on with me, I have a p4 cpu at 3.2 GHz and a 9800 GTX+ and my fps is average 90 when it should be like 300+ if I had a quad core, and it also depends on what os your on.

He’s got an i7, vexx.

Source uses havok, People tend to get quite alot better fps on ATI cards. Doesn’t really suprise me.


-dxlevel 80 solves all problems

Because he wants to run in directx 8 with a 285gtx :downs:

Don’t be stupid.