Bad Guy 3 - Housekeeping (13 man raiding party)

hahaha so funny but so brutal XD

You are the kind of players that are making the removal of military stuff not come fast enough.

Pretty funny but damn did that kill me as a headphone user.

Omega man, I’ve been a raider a lot and I couldn’t agree more!

I just found a server with rare/limited military items and its made the experience so far, much more gradual and fun. It makes having a home in the open a viable option, where on other servers I usually live in a shack in super hidey spots, and within a couple days have c4, machine guns, and kevlar no probs.

I’m all for raiding etc and a bit o fun, but griefing walls is lame,

Your the type of people who think your good at a game because you gank people in numbers, 1 on 1 i bet your absolutely terrible.

nice zerg

its not funny… guys like you and your group make the game to bad.

Because I never go outside with less than 13 people right?