Bad guys with rifles shot in a snow storm [first person]

Muzzle flash is ugly, everything else is awsome.

I like everything about it

Looks cool. The blood isn’t retardedly bright, like on most peoples screenshots.

i think its great and may you send me link to models pls :smiley:

How’d he get that close without being shot o.o?!

Nice piece of work. Like the cam angle. Blood and everything else looks just peachy. Have a palette.

Fuck Yea Uberslug!
You should put out work more often like the old days nahmean.

I think the muzzlelflash needs more glow around it but I’m sure you already know.

Gotta tell me how you do your impacts(bullet impacts)

I can’t get them down D:

I don’t like the first person perspective but the guy getting shot + the guys in the background look great

The muzzle flash looks a bit out of place, but otherwise it looks amazing.

i think the muzzleflash is pretty good. Awsome editing!

Same for me.

I don’t know what it is about the muzzleflash, but something just doesn’t look right.

Good picture, but work on the muzzleflash. :3:

Excellent pic bro.
GMod Moderator…
More like GModerator

that’s what I’ve been thinking this whole time

Blood and snow are both amazing but that muzzleflash is… eww… rather out-of-place and also seems to be giving off no light.

As a little note, the slide on the pistol isn’t back and there is no shell ejecting - it’s the detail that counts!

Excellent posing and editing. Though the muzzle flash could use a little bit of work, but it doesn’t ruin the picture’s overall appearance.

Uberslug. You gotta tell me the map.

Also really nice picture.

That’s a sharp muzzleflash

you could cut yourself on that stuff man.