“Bad inline model number #, worldmodel not yet setup”? Not anymore


I’m sure you’ve experienced these errors at one point or another. They’re incredibly annoying and make your game crash instantly. They cause entire servers to empty out if an affected map comes on, and they’re hell to troubleshoot.
After messing around fixing Deathrun maps for Sassilization’s server, I realized what was causing these errors, and I decided to do something about it. With great help from fellow developer Sonic5039, I created a Java application that conveniently patches affected maps and gets rid of the errors for good. If you’re a server owner and you constantly receive complaints about maps crashing, run those maps through this baby and upload the fixed versions to your server.


What Inline Patcher is:

What Inline Patcher looks like:


Inline Patcher can be downloaded here or, if you want the test builds, directly from here. It requires Java 7 or higher. For more information on how to use the application, check the Usage section.
If you’re a mapper and would like to know how this application works and how you can prevent your own maps from crashing, read this thread.
Any comments, requests or criticism are welcome.

You are a god.

Awesome, I’m sure this will help a lot of people. Thank you very much for releasing this! You rock Mozart.

Thanks for the kind words!

Keep up the good work Mozart

just made an account to tell you that this app saved my ass. Thanks a bunch!

Thanks! I finally found time to work on version 0.9.9, so that should be coming out pretty soon.

Your inline patcher doesn’t account for cubemaps - so when you save the renamed map and open it in-game, all the reflections are bugged.

You could modify your patcher to rename the “root/materials/maps/mapname” folder in the .bsp to whatever you save the new .bsp as?

or type buildcubemaps in the console.

And add another few megabytes onto the map file? Not gonna happen, filesize conservation is essential. The cubemaps are already there, the folder just needs a simple rename.

It’s cool, I opened the .bsp in Notepad++ and did a find and replace.

Thanks a lot for the bug report. I can’t say I’ve worked much on the patcher lately, though; I’m quite busy. The fix for this is simple, so when I get around to fixing the app’s back end (which I broke while experimenting, lol), I’ll be sure to fix this as well.

Hey, I’ve followed the guide to the letter but I keep on getting stuck.

I open the .jar file, then when I browse for the .bat file id doesn’t seem to be there.

Appreciate some help.