Bad Input Lag! ---PLEASE HELP---

Hi there. I am playing Rust on my computer, and i just discovered something. I was running at a very low frame rate (10-15) and it was acceptable, but not very ideal, so I was just messing around and put my settings to Fantastic and sure enough i was getting a stable 40, but I had a VERY bad input lag. For example, when I left-clicked my mouse, it would take about 2 seconds for the guns and everything else to shoot. Same goes for movement, and if you are a traditional PC gamer, you would know that 2 seconds of lag could mean your life.


PC Specs

  • Operating System?
  • CPU?
  • Graphics Card?
  • Memory?

Description of Bug

  • What happens?
  • When does it happen?
  • Is it recurring?
  • If so, what do you need to do to replicate the bug?
  • Does it give any noticeable crash messages, errors, or logs?

Attempts to Fix

  • Switch Servers (check ping)?
  • Restart game?
  • Restart Steam (Exit Completely)?
  • Close other programs before starting game?
  • Verify Integrity of Steam Cache?
  • Reinstall game?
  • Restart computer?
  • Updated drivers?

Related Searches

  • Have you searched the issue online yet?
  • If so, what did you find? What have you tried?

OS- Win 7
CPU- AMD A8 Llano Black Edition (3.4 ghz)
Graphics- AMD Radeon HD 6550D

Desc of Bug:
Lag when pressing buttons in game.
Yes, it is recurring. I have restarted Rust and Steam multiple times, but nothing has happened that fixed it.

I bet I’ve found the problem. Discrete video cards and Rust are a bad date.

Well thanks for the help bb!

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Oh okay. Im probably getting a new one so i suppose this problem will be fixed in time, but as for now I’m clueless.