Bad lightning / dark models?

Hi, We have some issues with a few models we’ve ripped from various free 3d sites. Everything seems to work except that they are extremely dark in-game. World lightning doesn’t seem to affect these models. Since I haven’t really done any texturing for the past 4 or 5 years I’m pretty clueless as to what’s causing this.

Any ideas?

    "$basetexture" "models\Killstr3aKs\WoT\American\M1A2\M1A2"
    "$bumpmap" "models\Killstr3aKs\WoT\American\M1A2\M1A2"
    "$surfaceprop" "Metal"
    "$nocull" 1


You can add:

$illumposition number number number

In QC.

Will try that. I’ll report back in a little while.


It worked :slight_smile: thanks for the help