Bad Maps You Still Enjoy

Anyone got any terrible maps they still like to play on now and then? I’d imagine that the some of you in the facepunch mapping community have some guilty pleasure maps you keep hidden deep in your D: drives.

I, for example, really enjoy rp_richland and it’s dm variants, despite how the houses are blocky and there really isn’t a sense of optimization. I just like how each apartment has it’s own style and how the creator was really creative with the I/O logic to make fun objects like the Light Sabers and the exploding barrel trap. I also find that TF2 mariokart map so ridiculously stupid that it’s funny.

Come on and share. It’s good to talk about what makes normally shunned maps good so that other map makers can those keep things in mind when they make their own.

rp_richland owned. Back in 2008 I enjoyed the freespace variants a lot, and want to say certain constructs like mobenix but that wasn’t bad just because it’s a construct map. And of course bigcity.

TF2 surf maps were great for a while too.


The neat thing about surf maps is that they’re basically the grandchildren of viod deathmatch maps from Quake and Unreal. A lot of them are really fun despite using full bright and bad texturing habits.

Another one that comes to mind is oc_harvest. I remember playing on it for only a little bit but gosh it was weirdly appealing despite being the most ratchet looking map ever. Didn’t the bucket of water actually use a water brush inside of it that glitched out when you tried moving it around?



hl1 gasworks :v:

The ZPS map church siege and most of its edits. Though it’s quite blocky, it makes for some pretty good, balanced gameplay.

Except that the recent edit is a lagspike in BSP form.