Bad optimizing lag in certain maps since the april update.

Hello. I’m a big fan of Garry’s mod,i’ve been on steam for several years playing this game,but it’s starting to become unplayable for me. Ever since the april update certain maps like rp_richland and gm_chaparral have become very very laggy due to broken optimization,i had test this via Counter Strike source,map runs fine but i run it in gmod it’s broken I got a AMD FX™-4200 Quad-Core Processor and multicore rendering does not work. i understand its in beta so i’ll excuse it. But before the april update the maps ran fine and worked just great,i got a decent amount of addons,heck i got alot less then i did back in april. if anyone knows how to fix this,please help me i’m very desperate,i do all i can to contribute to the community and it just saddens me that i can’t play most of my favorite maps.

Any console errors? Have you tried the dev branch?

Well on one map i had something about bad vertex error or something like that. Everywhere else,no. and no i have not tried the dev branch.

Was this error spamming console or did it just print once? Can you try the dev branch?

spammed the console,yes. and sure,give me a moment.

Which map was it that was spamming the error?

gm_underground_IV to quote my friend its “unplayable” would you like me to get you a few examples of the error?

I’ll download it and try.

okay so the error stopped appearing but its still lagging like heck. tell me how it goes for you kind sir.

did it lag for you?