Bad Performance Experimental Branch

Yesterday I went for the first time on the experimental branch. While I admit the new map does look very good, one major downer for me was performance. I could barely move. When I turned around it looked like I was going in hyper-speed.
On the official branch I have no trouble at all, everything is very smooth.

Maybe they will do performance tweaks but I doubt it will get anywhere near the performance I had on the last branch :confused:

I don’t have a top of the line PC, I admit that, but I can’t say I’m not disappointed about not being able to play the game anymore.

F2 will give you some graphics options; turn them down.

The experimental build is just that: A very early, rough experimental fresh start. The old version of Rust is not being updated anymore; it was worked on for a bit more than a year.

Performance on the experimental branch will improve over time. I would not be surprised if, before too long, it’s performing better than the ‘old’ version. The new systems should be more efficient once the early kinks are worked out.

Uhh, its experimental for a reason.

I agree with the guys. The experimental branch should be expected to be pretty rocky. It doesn’t even have all the elements of Rust yet and there’s still a lot of things to add, tweak, etc. All good things in due time :slight_smile:

The old branch is very bad for performance if they can’t get this next version better then they are going to lose many many players that they havnt already lost going forward

It’s experimental, think about it, the normal branch isn’t really stable too, so how about the experimental branch, it’s won’t be called experimental if it were much more stable than the normal branch so the bad performance, is reasonable. Perhaps, it will be much more stable, don’t worry, experimental does not mean stop you from playing Rust.

The experimental branch is likely only optimized to the developers exact specs so they can worry about adding stuff instead of wasting time making it playable for people they specifically told not to join.

Yay my computer is as good as or better than the dev’s computers!

I wish I could believe this, but unfortunatteley I have seen to much games in Alpha and once the performance is going down, it never goes up again with the same amount.

I guess I will have to wait and see, I don’t need it to be better then the old branch, just not worse is fine!

experimental. Experimental branch. GET AWAY!

nuff said.


Funny. If I down all the settings, like I have to in the normal branch, I get much better performance. Maybe that’s because I don’t need to render in any 17 story fortresses, but still.

17 Story Forts? What servers are those! 0_0