Bad server trys to hack you.

OK i was online in multilayer and I went to the server currently named “This is not a build server.”

first of all it just keeps killing you. second it resizes your screen. third it wont let you leave. forth wont let you quit gmod. fifth (for PC) i do ctl alt delete and it starts making my mouse jiggle all over so i cant select. .sixth it opens up your browser and takes you to this you tube video at

Instead of restarting in the Windows task manager you can select hl2.exe (Gmod) with the arrow keys and then hit delete and enter to end the process and then you should be fine. and that was in the processes menu not the Applications.

Also dont take this as a rave thread this is meant to be a warning to all of you.

There are plenty of these servers, simply don’t join random servers. Thanks for the warning though.

I think we need a list of bad servers or a better way to get rid of them. you guys know of any?

i need help i think it invected me and now when i join a server it starts to do it again his name is over the green virus loading bar (FPTJE) Falco i cant go into any servers without this virus messing everything up

Then rename your main gmod folder.

do a clean re install
delete your entire gmod folder and then re install it

It’s not a virus, it’s all in good fun. If they really wanted to do your computer harm then they’d have you open up a virus infested site. I think forcing you to a endless loop of the Lucky Star opening is pretty funny, better than the Zettai thing they had going on a while ago.

If you don’t want to end up there then don’t be stupid enough to join a server who’s name is always changing and shows a player count of some crazy number.