bad server with bad admins

Me and my friends just got banned from this server for no reason. The name of the server is [US Chicago] 056 Gaming. I would highly recommend to stear clear from this server. Bad admins.

(User was banned for this post ("Dumb thread, missed the servers subforum." - postal))

I have been banned with my group too. Don’t remember the server though.
We didin’t even dominate the server so I don’t know what was up with that…

One of the reason why I decided to make a own server.

As a server owner… if it is legit… i’d ask that you give a more elaborate reason as to why you left and why others should steer clear of this server.

You were banned for using ESP and aimbots, I will post some of the videos sent to me in the morning when I wake up.

I could see your admin’s name up at our base. I guess that counts as ESP.

I play on a Mac. That could be the reason? Fonts?[type]=months&period[date_start]=2014-02-01

ranked 6th in hsp in ESEA


lol just cause we are better than you doesnt mean we hack

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And btw I cant wait to see these videos lol

Not to mention, your admin did a terrible job of being stealthy while shadowing me/us. One, you can hear footsteps even with invisible armor, then he shot roughly 6-7 arrows at us, so of course we checked out the direction they came from since its super easy to see the trail. Then he came inside the base, we could hear him running around. And our friend on a Mac, that has different font files than a Windows PC was able to see the symbols your admin used to try to mask his name. If you really think that is an accusation of hacking, you need to re-evaluate. Starfist took that screenshot, which is why you can see those symbols, and look at all the ‘esp’ on his screenshot… oh wait, there isn’t any.


bad admins. dont join this server!!

You are also accepting proof from a kid that was kicked the the CS allday team. And says things like this, " you were aimbottin still couldn’t touch me pz nergin, should I post the shadowplay to that too?"

He accuses SLZ of aimbotting, then says he couldn’t touch him, wouldn’t an aimbot cause shots to connect? As opposed to miss? Not to mention SLZ and I got PICK AXED while we had guns, again, wouldn’t aimbots basically ensure something like that would never happen? Regardless, the intelligence of the admins you trusted to shadow us was far from sufficient. He gave away his position MULTIPLE times and accuses us of ESP because he gave away his own position by firing arrows AT us. Oh well, plenty of servers, it’s just sad that things like this are a common occurrence because sufficient admin tools aren’t provided.

i was fighting them today on server 1v4 and i killed 3, they wasnt looking fishy for me at the time i was playing on the server.

People, that is why you need to join Best Rust server.


In before the lock and OP’s banning for posting this in the wrong forum.