Bad SetLocalOrigin on gmod_hands?

Hello, my server has been getting this error in the serverside console for a little bit and too be honest I have no clue why. I use stock CS:S weapons so the models aren’t broken, can somebody help? Thanks :slight_smile:

Bad SetLocalOrigin(4237.158691,19680.994141,0.000000) on gmod_hands (221)

It’s a problem with GMod.

Alrighty, at least I know its not on my end, thanks :slight_smile:

You can close this thread Niandra, err… I mean all the active mods on FacePunch.

You can do that yourself by marking the thread as solved?

The option isn’t showing, I believe it is only for Help & Support

It’s not, you can do it here as well. There should be a ‘Mark as Solved’ button in the top left corner of the thread. If there’s not, then I’m not sure but there should be.