Bad sound bug, gmod makes all sound stop on PC.

So I have been playing gmod now for about two years and I’ve consistantly had the problem since I got it. Whenever I play for an extended period of time and sometimes in rare occasions rather short periods, I run into a bug where my game lags and stops all sound. When this happens the game stops making sounds. When I quit the game and then exit everything I had open, it almost resets the sound. It literally makes all sounds whether its gmod or any other program non-existent even if I look at the sound mixer (windows 7). I have looked it up a million times and never found an answer or even someone having the same problem. I would really love to get this problem fixed because it really makes gmod annoying to play to have to worry about this happening. Thank you!

Have you tried basic things like updating your audio drivers?

I just looked at them and they were up to date, I believe I’ve tried that before. But still experiencing the problem.

Mind posting your specs? Specifically OS/Audio Hardware

Would you mind walking me thru how to get them? I’ve had very little sleep and feel quite dumb right now to be honest.

Speccyor you can sort through Control Panel and get some limited information.