bad spawn points!!!!

this game has the worst spawnpoints ive ever seen ! i would join a random server spawn in and spawn in on spikes, trees,buildings, you name it and i would die instantly almost 9/10 times i respawn its happened like that. is it just me or what ? its awefull walking and having randoms spawning on u and they start killing for fun

well dont you have all the bad luck…

This game is in Alpha, ALPHA. Most game devs dont even release games to the public until late beta.

So you died and lost nothing. Get over it and click respawn again.

I think you’re exaggerating with this 9/10 nonsense.

Random means random. Period. :slight_smile: Craft five sleeping bags and throw them in safe areas around the map. Problem solved.

I admit there’s been some times where I’ve spawned on top of a zombie or two, but either way, it’s not a big deal because all you need to do is craft a sleeping bag somewhere and solve you’re problem.

This is a survival game, so people would love to kill you in order to possibly take the loot that you might be carrying on you, so you have to make sure you don’t run into these kind of people at whatever cost unless you have the means to defend yourself.

Would it differ if things such as this were to happen in real life, you see a group of people that has guns and you have resources, what would they do if they spot you with that, and taking your resources would be the aiding them in their survival?

So as a naked noob, don’t just run about and expect everyone to be merciful, cause I know that once people like you DO have an opportunity to get a weapon and kill another person for their loot, you will most likely take it.

Its all about survival.

When will people learn…

There is NO way to tell if someone is a fresh spawn or just someone without armor. Plenty of times I’ve seen naked men draw pistols, shotguns and rifles out of their ass. It just isn’t a risk worth taking.

Also…When someone says “I’m friendly” You should just stop playing the game right now if you believe it every time.

I’ve never had spawns like that happen in my 30 hours of play… Also, maybe you are just unlucky, or stupid to trust everyone you come across. Sure, I’m friendly, until you turn the other way or light that camp fire… You’re getting my rock upside your head, bro. Because, you know why? I’m in the same boat as you and need the resources.

Haha, very true! Many times ive been shot in the face by someone screaming freindly! I find it happens more if you dont have a mic.

Just be happy you can actually play the game, mine wont even work