Bad stability in welds

I created a quite big spacecraft of tiled blocks, and welded them together, but as soon as I start flying with it, it fall to pieces!

I downloaded a tool named parentingstool that was supposed to make one object of many blocks. It worked with a couple of blocks, but was harder to apply to the whole ship.

It would be great if someone had any ideas of how to make one unit of this ship put together by 1000 pieces!

Here is a picture of it: (the big one)


what you want to do is pick a central piece and set the weight of it very high, somewhere in the thousands, and weld everything to the central piece rather than welding everything to everything else


your contraption will be much more stable this way


p.s. don’t use custom models they suck and are ugly

Smart Constraint.

smartweld- no to laggy

that is what you want

Hmm, it doesen’t work like i thought it would. It seems that you only can shoot thru the ship, which make epic spacecraft fights impossible :frowning:

Super Parent Multi is a good alternative. I use it with Super parenting mode ticked.

Can be found here.

Parenting and that tool for binding prop phys models together are the best.