Bad Stability screenshot

??? this must be fixed…

Probably server.stability is false…

I think this is exploiting the sideways building bug, where the user places a floor tile as a wall tile, then builds “upwards” from the floor tile, (only “upwards” is actually sideways). This isn’t really “stability”, more an exploited loophole, because the code think the user is building vertically, using pillars, walls or blocks, (which can stack vertically without stability problems). The trouble is, because the user has placed a floor tile as a wall, vertical is really horizontal, so the stability is being calculated horizontally.

nope just server.stability false
too many of those on my server. lol

No it’s not a “”, if u want me i can make a video of how to do it. :wink:

I’ve done this about a 100 times. Upgraded bridges are awesome and nearly impossible to remove.

Building side-ways has been fixed on the development branch as of about 2 hours ago.

Thank God. I don’t understand what took them so long.

Noooooooooooooo!!! Tell me its not true!

rock raids… bye bye…


Nooooooooooooo!!! What will you do now!

I wonder how I will raid rock bases now. Hmm…

I don’t think it is possible without the sideways floor bug.

I wonder how this will affect the game.

EDIT: [Suggestion] Garry Add in siege ladders/machines, that people build out in a field then push to the siege location only thing I can think of without removing what I like most, the tool box.

Or rocket/rock/handmade bomb launchers of some form so you can blow out the foundations at least.

There was a concept art picture somewhere with decorations for a base it had a water tower, ladders, smoke chimney and a few others.

Maybe. Idk. Go put the effort in and earn your own stuff instead? Just a thought. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a fan of the TC too though. Ladders or siege equipment seems the best bet but they have to be careful. You should be able to make your base reasonably secure and I’d hate to see all building become solid boxs to avoid being vaulnerable to such items.

Glad it’s fixed. Does this mean we don’t need to waste time to build those stupid anti-raid towers now? I hope dive boarding and disconnecting also gets fixed. Fall damage should still be calculated when you are sleeping, that would fix it.

Don’t worry Frank, I’m crafty. I’ll figure something out pretty quick that will annoy someone.

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I’m testing this out today. Any bets that I can’t still do it?

Well - test it and let us know! I could easily reproduce it on the current live branch and wasn’t able to reproduce it on dev after garry told us to test it.