Bad stuttering when panning camera?

I have really bad stutter when I pan my camera not sure if this can be fixed or not but I’ve tried almost everything… My buddys PC also does this and my old PC did this. I get around 70-80fps but when I move my mouse left to right I get a stutter but if i strafe left to right it’s fine… I’ve asked other people in my group if they had that issue but they said no but like 3 brand new PC builds I’ve done recently had this problem.

Anyone else have this issue? any suggestions? It might be an issue with no vsync option but I cannot enable vsync to test it out.

It’s Alpha, the game is not optimized. Several patches ago I was getting over 100fps with all settings maxed. Now i can’t even get 60 on the lowest settings. They are more concerned with copying ARKs leveling system than fixing performance issues at the moment.

and before anyone asks i have an i7 4790k OC’d to 4.4ghz, 16gb HyperX Fury, and a GTX 980

Yes, i get shit frames, i’ll be lucky to get 50 on an official server, with fps drops to 10 anytime i get near one of those cancer monuments.

EDIT: The Server FPS on official servers are also garbage. The servers they run on are garbage. I have noticed playing on popular servers like rustafied or rustopia though, my frames do increase drastically.

But my framerates are fine it’s just stutter from moving mouse… it’s like screen tear but instead of tear I get stutter.

If it’s like screen tear perhaps its a problem with your monitor then? When it stutters does your FPS also drop drastically? If not, it could be a monitor problem, but if you’re doing 160’s or 360’s spinning around it re-renders everything you weren’t looking at previously.

Im not too techie, but maybe try turning your draw distance down a smidge?

It’s not screen tearing but I feel like it’s related.

I use to get very similar symptoms in rust with my old pc, it would stutter but it still had a stable framerate, ran a memory test and it turned out my ram was failing. Might not be the case here, but run a memory test just to be sure.

Hi guys. Download and update your gpu drivers and reinstall DirectX version whatever. if the problem continues to persist rollback your GPU driver. Restart pc if it doesn’t just tell you to do that anyway. if you don’t know how to get a driver for your GPU just go to the main website of whatever chipset that you own there Is usually a link for a software that will automatically detect and download what you need. if you have a video or pictures of the problem that’d be great

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And specs of said pcs plz

It’s a brand new computer did it on my last build too.

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I did all of this didn’t make a difference:

i5 6600k
r9 390
650w gold psu
asrock k6 motherboard
8gb dd4 2400

Every component in the pc brand new? Also why on earth would you buy a 390 over a 970. :ohno:

Yes every component is brand new and because the 390 is better for the price.

Just because it’s cheaper does not make it better. The 970s price per performance is amazing. Well worth the extra $50 for a better card made by a far better company.

Stuttering with no loss of frames usually points to a memory fault, so I’d be looking at the ram and the gpu.

I would remove the gpu and reset it. Roll back a driver and see if that helps some gpus don’t always like to work the first time.
Does your GPU need it’s own power input?
Shit for a week I though my r200 was DOA in the mail. One day after fucking with it just worked. Idk

I’m not here to be a fanboy and argue which component is better the I had a 970 before this card and this card runs better, benchmarks show it running better and DX12 is in favor of ATI ontop of that the extra VRAM makes 1440p gaming a possibility please explain to me how the 970 is a better card and NVIDIA is a better company please. Wait don’t bother I can already tell you’re a fanboy so you’ll just say something stupid like “better drivers.” or “more support.” which are both false.

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I already tried this and it did nothing, and yes my GPU needs its own power I had this issue on a different graphics card as well.

No I’m not a fanboy at all, I just really don’t like AMD. AMD is a cheap and nasty brand. There’s a reason nvidia is leading the graphics card race, and Intel is by far winning the CPU race… Newsflash, amd are shit.
I play 1440p on my 970 with no issues whatsoever so no idea what you’re on about, 4gb vram is plenty for 1440p.
Also benchmarks don’t mean shit, not unless you’re benchmarks are you playing the same game with the exact setup just changing out the graphics card…

And as for the better drivers and more support, I’m certainly not saying this is true, but I’m not the one asking for help on a public forum now am I?

And lastly, clearly the 970 is better if I’m getting a solid 80-100fps with no stutter, and you’re getting 70-80 with stutter. While we both have the same ram and I have a slightly better 6700k which wouldn’t be enough to cause an increase of upto 20 fps.

Peace. :tried:

First of all if you knew anything about RUST you would know framerates vary I get around 100fps maxed out @ 1440p too when I’m in an open field on a decent server thats not indicative of performance I was referring to my getting 70-80 frames on average in cluttered areas. Secondly I owned a 970 prior to this card in my last build and it had the same problems in RUST that my 390 has, my buddy has a 980ti also has the same problems, so there goes that BS theory of yours. Ontop of that go look at ANY benchmark especially DX12 or 1440p/4k gaming and the 390 completely craps on the 970. Listen bro I understand you own a 970 and your parents probably bought you it for your birthday and you want to defend it to the grave, but the fact is it’s an overpriced card with gimped 3.5gb VRAM and NVIDIA is no better of a company than AMD with all of their lying and their corporate greed like GSYNC being specific to one brand and costing $100’s extra for the technology while freesync is free. I buy what is best at the time for the money, if you weren’t a fanboy you would understand that I owned your precious 970 and I can already tell your from my own experiences thus far it’s a much better card with much better driver support, too bad I need third party software to overclock the 970 when I can do that right through AMD’s control panel. Get lost kiddo.

If you aren’t going to be of any help or offer some good criticism and just sit there and spout random crap to try and piss people off why don’t you get off the forums and go spam rust chat like every other 14 year old.

Thank you.

You have no idea who I am mate. I’m no kid, you’re just making yourself look stupid with these ridiculous allegations and how upset you’re getting over the matter. I’m 20, have my own house with my girlfriend, and purchased my computer with my own money. So your assumptions are dead wrong.

Also I’m pretty sure I know a lot more about rust then you do my friend, I’m not proud of it but I have 1700 hours and have followed the development very closely for well over a year now. so unless you have more hours then me, you’re once again making yourself look stupid by making wild allegations that are far from the truth.

I know framerates vary a lot in rust, but for the past two weeks my computer has not dropped below 80 fps at all that I’m aware of, and I play on FacePunch Sydney 2 which has a pop of 200 and the map is disgustingly filled with buildings. And yes I play with everything maxed at 1440p also.

Now before I go, one last thing. If your precious 390 is so great, then why do you need to ask for help on a public forum?

I tried to help, I offered my little bit of input by saying that in my opinion it sounded like a memory fault in someway. But you completely ignored that and decided to pick a full blown fight over which card is better, yes I made the first comment, but you’re the one that turned it into an argument, and somehow you have the nerve to call me a kid? Ha. Later.

I’m making these allegations because of the way you are acting, going into someones topic who’s looking for help and then bashing their system and touting your own equipment with bs remarks. Why else would you get so defensive over a damn video card? Obviously there’s a reason so I assumed you’re some kid who’s parents bought them their first good card. I’m not upset at all I’m just annoyed that I’m here for a reason and you keep spamming my topic with complete fanboy nonsense if you’re going to do that at least provide some factual information to back your claims.

and at age 20 you’re still a kid and clearly still immature, if you would act your age such assumptions wouldn’t be made my padawan. Also you are now making accusations and assumptions over what I know about rust I have over 2000 hours and I have played the game since Legacy was released I have played with people like BCHILLZ etc. I was one of the first people on the RUST scene when it came out. If you don’t want people to make assumptions then maybe you should stop doing it yourself and stop being a hypocrite.

I play on lowpop which has been having frame rate issues lately even on a fresh wipe people are having performance issues once again it depends on the server etc. etc. you can’t say “I get 100fps and you get 80.” in rust because it varies too much.

The 390 isn’t “my precious.” it’s just a card I own that I prefer over the 970, that’s what’s different from me and you is I recognize price/performance and I don’t just bandwagon what I own and bash everything else I do extensive research and I pick my products off of what I see is best at the time. “My Precious” 970 ALSO has these issues and I was posting on the forums about it, I can gladly post a the thread I made a few months back if you would like to see?

Also if you knew how to read you would see I stated that my buddys PC does this and my OLD build also did this so no you did not provide any insight, help or positive input and you’ve wasted my time arguing when I could be doing something else when I stated I didnt want a pissing match over PC hardware. I didn’t ignore your input it was just pointless and stupid because I already stated it was a problem over 3 separate builds.

You made a snarky dumbass uneducated remark on my hardware in an attempt to defend your own and made yourself look immature and stupid, so please next time stay away from PC hardware arguments because you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

Later, you won’t be missed.



Stop bumping it’s against the rules.

Stutter usually relates to a memory or ram issue.