Bad Temper

A sexy pose Facepunch style. But rules are what they are. No nipples. And I am not going to redo this just to place a bra on her.
I hate redoing edits.

Why do you insist in using that awful grey bloom filter? It looks like a render of an awful anime figure, made of shitty plastic.

Then there’s the lack of anti-aliasing. Which could be solved with a simple Super DOF render.

Not trying to be defensive here. I honestly have no idea what you are criticizing. What grey bloom filter are you talking about?
I didn’t use any filters. This is a raw Gmod screen witch was given some color improvements in Gimp.

Where is she?

Is that a shopping mall or something, it looks like somewhere public, maybe somwhere outside…

Is this woman walking around outside in half a dress, with her tits out, and a pikachu chain that links her nips together? And blades on her forearms?

Is she also gangsta’ style holding a .44 magnum? I’m not an expert on guns but doesn’t that thing have a hell of a kickback when fired, i’m assuming she missed her target due to recoil and bad weapon handling and that’s why she looks so annoyed.

I can’t tell if this is like, the worlds worst assassin or just some anime fans wet dream.

You get 1 and a half points for it not being a solider with an M4 though.

So you get a total of 2.5/10 points from me.

The other point was because i like her hair, it’s simplistic yet appealing!
She has a good stylist.

You want the story! Her name is Sandra. She is a vampire.

She is trying to cut down on the blood. That has the same effect it has on smokers trying to quit.
They get very cranky. Hence the gun. See?

ditch those in-game bloom settings then, soft glow effects like that have never looked good

Not in game. These are soft glow and several layers in Gimp. But I see how it looks the same though.

I’m talking about these glow-bloom-things that you put in pretty much every picture you make (Granted, one of these is from another picture, but my point stands)

You can’t really call it an improvement when it makes the picture look more fake and dull.

Also, Super DOF. It can be your best friend, and hide whatever jagged lines the anti-aliasing skips.

  • Lighting is bad, you have all these colors in the background and this weird cold monochrome feeling bloom to it that doesn’t really make sense for the situation.
  • Posing is very relaxed, which highly contrasts what seems to be going on. I don’t mean relaxed in like a " I do not give a fuck " kind of manner, she just looks like she’s picking up the gun she found randomly.
  • Angle doesn’t complement the pose.
  • We get it you don’t think the “No needlessly NSFW poses are allowed” should be a thing, but get over it.
  • The edited smoke on the barrel of the gun makes no sense, from a viewer perspective it’s travelling up, but in terms of what it’d be doing in the situation, it’s going to the side, which isn’t how smoke would behave unless there’s a shit ton of wind, which doesn’t seem to be the case.
  • Lack of DoF doesn’t really help the pose either.
  • There’s also a really obvious effect seem to the left of the gun.

Huey Emmerich out of 10, this really didn’t need its own thread, has a faint smell of shitposting.

nice, this made me very horny if you know what i mean;- ) where can i get the model, thanks


judging from the smoke either this whole room and everyone in it is standing off-kilter or someone offscreen just ripped an atomic fart right in that poor woman’s face

What business have you using an “æ” in you screen name? You are not a Norwegian. Fucking freeloader.
Stop stealing my Norwegian heritage.

æ has roots in Latin

Ah language! And yes, but with classical Greek roots, e.g ‘y’, αι as ‘æ’. Variants include Ǣ ǣ Ǽ ǽ.

PS! I realize how utterly boring and useless that comment was.

Can you not change the topic and randomly rant about Norwegian roots?

This model looks worse than fuse. I would know

Didn’t get the joke I see^^

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Who fucking cares?

Oh good; more of this.

Seriously, have you ever considered to actually bother taking in all of the constructive criticism you are given every time you make threads like these? It’s not exactly fucking rocket-science at this point.

At this point you guys should know everything Rastifan does here is just for the sake of amusing himself (even though that sounds pretty boring but still) and there’s no point in wasting time for improvements/critiques since he’s been doing the same shit for over 5 years with the same style and same everything. You think if he hasn’t changed nothing in 5 (but only the women he uses), he will change his shit way of making pics? Of course not.

Best you guys can do is rate and report.

And, as for you Rasti, you’re almost on your 30’s. Stop acting like a 15 y/o kid who feels badass for leaving out school 5 minutes before the rest of the class. It seems like you never grew the fuck up and you’re stuck at 15 forever.

I mean I’d love to be a teen forever but you can’t have the same childish mentality for almost a decade. Fucks sake.

Stop acting like a complete bellend Rasti and just fuck off out of FP. None here likes nor appreciate your attitude towards everyone, you are even a dick towards those who act kind of nice to you.