Bad version of Directx?

Hello all. :stuck_out_tongue: First post. xD I have a little strange problem with my Garry’s Mod. Hmmm… How to say it? Garry’s Mod thing I have just Directx 0.9. Oo What to do? Graphic is horrible… Other games (Source games too) are working good, and don’t have this problem. Here is a screen, from menu (before udpade):

See?? Before GMod was works good…

P.S. Sorry for my English. xD You see my age, I just learning English at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:

what the fuck

try -dxlevel 90 in command line options?

Ok, I repear it. xD Now, this problem is in menu only, game works great (Maybe this newest udpade repear everything? :P). :smiley:


OMG. Steam restart, and I have this problem again. :frowning: What to do? Trick with change directx level on command line not work…