Bad Zombie Driver rampaging through yard sale

I had alot of fun making this :smiley:

a variant of GM_CONSTRUCT, not smart…
other than that, it’s good enough

It’s not like I intended such a serious pose.
The map is Mobenix_final

If you’d like, I can change the location for you?

I hate how everyone here hates GM_Construct, even if they couldn’t tell it was without looking at the file name.

they see the word “GM_Construct” and rage all over the place.


unless you call it “El zombie drive.jpg”
problem solved

classic gmod pose


Well, fuck
That died fast

Haha, i loled at lamarr.

Kinda reminds me of Zombie Happy Fun Time, sans the forklift.

This is great. Kinda nostalgic to since it just reminds me of the silly shit people use to do in garrys mod. Now it’s all just “Super srs military pose with isolation and Nick and Zombies!”

1 Week ago? :geno:
Well the picture itsself looks so 2005 were mingebag stuff was funny.

The headcrab made me laugh

Remind me of an episode of The gmod idiot box.


Good posing

So you’re stating that anything that is original and genuinely funny is mingebag?
Well I’m sorry that I lack the knack of generickee

I quite like to be original, and I love the good ideas that don’t require Photoshop


Also yea, I kind of felt the same, which inspired me to make this one

Because the creator knows for a fact that their creation is genuinely funny and original.

Since when was the last time you seen a zombie in a make shift car speeding through a garage sale and dies in the process as his headcrab comes flying off?

wabba my icing he sure wants it

The good old days.