Goodness gracious me, that is very good.
If I had these mad skills of which you speak…

Looks like a painting, wonderful overhaul.

Look’s like the actual TF2 Digital paintings, Nice.

I think “mad skillz” is a matter of opinion and such self flattery means there will be some extra crictical responses (for those that bother to care at least).

Still, not saying this is bad. It’s a cool style and I personally like it.

I love this. Especially the Heavy’s faceposing.

Good god.

I salute your skills.

While I agree, I also agree that his skills are pretty mad. This owns.

Can you teach me how to do shadows like dat, and the wrinkles? Nice pose btw, I like the editing and its looks amazing compared to original picture.

Amazing. Art it is.

God damn. My pants. :saddowns:

That… that’s just… I NEED THESE SKILLS.

Very nice “mad skills” you have there.

Boring pose.

Nice shading.

I like how you do these.

It’s nice and all, but you need to sort out your light direction.

God I wish I had these skills back on my old computer :frowning:

I like this a lot, but the light direction is fuckin everywhere.

it’s alright.