Badass Asian Kid Destroys Predalien Ass

not happy with the outcomes at all, promise next one will be though

C&C please

Hey kid careful of the acid blood- Oops, too late…

he’s too badass to get affected by it

Woah,where’d you get the model! It’s a great picture.

it’s in the RELEASES section, by lilIwasa

Like I said earlier, I like the blood and the lighting on asian kid.

Nice lighting, the muzzleflash is quite fitting in the atmosphere, blood is nice.
Good work!

Nice work.

thanks a bunch :3

Link to bolter, please?

It’s in larry’s ultimate weapon pack, the rifles section

Hehe. The editing looks good!

so guys, what should be the next episode

This is very off.

how so?

Frickin’ great, though can we see the raw, source image?