Badass Asian Kid Kicking Imperial Ass

I just thought the asian kid model by lillwasa was hilarious and combined with bloocobalt/ Ilwrath’s Imperial soldiers would be kickass

Credits to The Vman (tracer and lens flare)
C&C everyone!

I think the kids right foot should be tilted down a little.



I lol’d. Nice work there Hellfire.

but then it would clip the soldiers body

Niko Bellic?

Shit, I always think Imperial guard is the guard from Oblivion, he was hillarious.

Posing isn’t great, but the editing is.

yeah, it was a quick pose, but a long ass edit for the muzzle itself

Seriously, :wtc:

guys, i’m thinking of making a series with badass asian kid, what do you guys think?

Is that one guy getting shot or what?

asian kid missed



Nice editing though.

any suggestions on what the next episode of badass asian kid should be?

No, the kid’s right, your left. Tilted so that it looks more like he’s in the air.

oh ok thanks for the tip

Those guardsmen are obviously conscripts, not being able to stop one little asian kid :arghfist::mad:

but he’s asian, hes a master in martial arts and specifically this one is a sharpshooter as well

Poor Asian.