Badass combine holdtype?

So, well, combines have this holdtype on their SMGs, they shoot from the hip like 1930’s gangsters, I was wondering, anyone knows the name of that since I’d like for one of my SWEPs to be held that way.

And “AMG DATS INAKURAT SHEWTINK!” won’t help. I know that, but, I don’t care.

Name of what? Valve have specific animations and one of them is holding a gun. It doesn’t change unless you specifically change it.

You mean, The Third person view?

SWEP.HoldType=“smg” ?

if it’s first, i have no idea. ask a Lua coder.

Yeah, exactly, but SMG does the whole fancy ironsight-stance, but ingame, combines fire from the hip, which is what I’m wondering about. If that is a holdtype.

I think he means the way the Civil Protection hold it in that route canal chapter of half life 2.

you could go into source sdk and find the animation since the name of the animation is usually the same as the animation type

Yes! Exactly! I don’t see why “shooting from the hip” was such a bad description, but yes!

That animation isn’t used by playermodels, therefore it is not a valid holdtype.

Oh, too bad, thanks anyways.