Badass guy with a overheated hand-held minigun having a short break during a battle

I think I’ll add some tracers right next to him.

FUUUUU you and your amazing editing skills.
Youre using photoshop right?

Photoshop and/or a bit of Lightroom.

Damn he surely looks badass with that minigun and those glowing evil eyes.
The whole pic is awesome, but I think the overheated minigun is a little too red (IMO),

Damn man, nice lightning.

Pretty sweet although I think the glow on the goggles is a little excessive. Everything else is awesome though.

Is this a scenebuild?

I was inspired by this:


using the Cremator…good choice…

Great work.

That is a very very descriptive title.
Have an arty for some amazing work.

Is this a scenebuild?
If so can you post a overview picture of it?

Where is the download for this model?

Also i think the mini-gun overheat looks to red but it’s not bad actually, i like. (Puny gun)


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It’s not a scenebuild (just put some fire/props/blabla):
Link to the model:


This isn’t a real picture of a real guy. HOW DID YOU GUESS?


Also, that’s an awesome picture pMnky.

not really enough shells for it to be that hot already. but awsome photoshop and posing skills

It’s a light saber now. Whack someone with it

I know. Let’s suppose he didn’t shoot over here first.