badass pyro

this is quick so it is pretty bad no effects used

i know the posing on pyro is weird but the legs were stiff

Thats not badass thats crappy.
I rated you a gaybow.
Map is terrible
Posing is terrible
Lack of editing

Ok, lets see.
[ul] Stiff posing…

[li]Unoriginal idea…[/li]

[li]Horrible fingerposing (if any at all)…[/li]


[li]Team Fortress 2 pic in a non-Team Fortress 2 map…[/li]

[li]Thread Music…[/li]

[li]Ignite tool…[/li]

[li]Custom models…[/li]


Possibility of being a first pic… 85%

Hakita that was fuckin funny.
Best comment that says:“Your pic sucks” ive seen yet.

The graphics are horrible too.

Wow, i don’t even suck that much of posing o,…,o even if its a quick one i posed one in 5 min and people liked it

[quote=“Hakita, post:3, topic:19285”]

[li]Editing… [/li]
[li]Thread Music…[/li]
[li]Custom models… [/li][/QUOTE]

Those don’t make a screenshot good.

[li]Ignite tool…[/li][li]Team Fortress 2 pic in a non-Team Fortress 2 map… [/li][/quote]

And those don’t make it bad.

NO AA! I slap a dumb for failure!

He certainly has a bad arse. :rimshot:


Just use AA, and work on the posing a bit better, the combine is an example of a bad critic(Jackass).

Dat ass.

If you say it is bad in the OP, and you know it.
Then why do you post it?
If its bad you mostly will get trollposts, unless FP is in a nice mood or its your very first.

okay okay sorry ill redo it and then well see

I hate it when people redo pictures, just move on and make a new one, y’know?

You admit that it’s quick and bad and you’re not happy with it, then why do you post it? It’s obvious no one will like it.