Badass russian climbing out of APC



and please someone edit it

I was expecting a badass russian climbing outside of an APC on fire… :eng99:

The pic is too blurry, and the posing makes him look like he was about to dance.
Try not spreading the legs so much and maybe zoom the camera a little.

Well… its ok I suppose…

the model has an ak in its hand already so thats kinda cheating… but overall its ok…

the legs look a little…


it aint edited yet… so someone can edit fire…

i know the legs look weird… but its the model.

Posing is strange and you need to work on your camera angle.

I saw him and pictured Moskau playing in the background. Overall the picture is good but it feels too empty. The pose and camera angle could be improved.

yeah i would take ‘badass’ out of the title

it’s just okay/bland