Badass Scout in Portal (Gmod 13)

So i made these two pics with my friend in the new Gmod 13 beta. How are they?
After a few hours of crashes we finally got it done! Thanks to the tool that saves the props to the map.
Few hours of work in gmod, then edited in photoshop and heres our final image.


Sorry, but these aren’t really that good. That’s cool you and your friend are making stuff together, but it’s just nothing that impressive. I’d gauge it around a 6/10.

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Well we tried atleast. Thanks for the feedback anyway :slight_smile:

What’s so different about Gmod 13?

Hardly, you didn’t even fingerpose a one single ragdoll.

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You cant fingerpose in gmod 13. I couldn’t fingerpose the scout atleast.

You’re right, fingerposing doesn’t work.

Then why bother doing poses with it?

It’s a bit annoying, seeing how we’re eventually going to end up with no posing power whatsoever if it isn’t fixed.

Because we got the beta today and we wanted to test it out.

its got some great tools for posing.

can’t wait for the finished product.