Badass spetsnaz

i would appreciate it if you guys would comment, and tell me how i can improve. thanks! also sorry for the title could’nt come up with any better.


You handle the editing, now work on your posing. It looks like he has a dislocated shoulder. If it’s not because of the posing then it’s the angle, either way browse pictures of people and scenery it usually gives good coordination for composition. Cropping doesn’t look very good either, we see too little of whatever is going on and the titular character.

Wrong Weapon

shut up

how is it wrong

More like “Dusty Spetsnaz”. It looks filthy in there.

It’s an M16 :confused:

when that spetsnaz obviously has AK mags in his pouches…

yeah i noticed that it’s an AR-15 series rifle (or M16, whatever you wanna call it) but who knows how it ended up in his hands, maybe he picked it up from some dead guy?

I’ll tell you something funny - during the 2008 South Ossetian war, the Ruskies managed to loot a few Humvees left over from a Georgian-US military exercise.
So I guess they can get some M16s from dead GIs too.

I don’t think that someone would use looted weapon instead of the regular gun.
Russians are trained to shoot from AK’s, and shooting from the…um…unfamiliar weapons is very difficult imo

Russian army field manual forbids using of trophy weapon in any situation but critical. Still I don’t think that it’s important right here. The picture is obviously not about military rules, trigger discipline, realism or shit, it’s about the “Badass spetsnaz”.

Yeah! Put the filter in your eye to look especially badass!

Just kidding, the picture is quite good.