Badass Spy stabbing an Engineer and shooting a Heavy at the same time is badass.

Click me for badass higher resolution

Dis bitch iz dah most badass guy in teh world !1!

Now back to serious buisness :
I’m aware that the muzzleflash looks weird
I’m aware that the blood on engineer’s neck is an ingame sprite
I’m aware that this picture is badass, and that i am badass.

Also, if you want to be more badass than me, then try to do a badass edit !
The most badass original screen ever

Muzzleflash is a bit weird

Well that certainly is…badass…
But you beat to doing a badass picture I was going to do a russian smoking through his ski mask.

Well, that’s for sure a badass idea !

Muzzleflash is not perfect, but nice posing and lighting.

Posing is good.
Adding blood on a knife is okay.
Muzzleflash is weird…

Why is the heavy sitting? And with a shotgun of all things!

Otherwise, I like the posing and editing.

Maybe the muzzle flash is too small?

There could be liek 1 thousand reasons the heavy is sitting. :v:

Nice posing.

Uhh… Heavies second weapon -is- a shotgun…

Badass picture is too badass :psyboom:
I just don’t like the muzzle flash.