Badass Team Walking In Hell


Oh and That’s a plane…

Remove the horribly pasted-on fireball on the first picture and you get an OK screenshot.

I would have desaturated the Gmod pic so it fitted more with the background you pasted it in.

The Fire on the plane ? for you, I made the fire myself

The posing in the picture is pretty akward and the saturation on the ragdolls looks very out of place. In other words pay attention and work on your posing. What’s with the flame?

If the only purpose of the bonus pictures are that they’re supposed to be funny, well they’re not.

holy fuck that background is low quality as shit.


those are coloured clouds.

Huuum yes, why? is it a crime ?

and the backgrounds resolution was 1200x829 im not Lying :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not a crime.
It just looks stupid.

Still looks shit. Sorry.

Why did I read that in Benders voice?

Because of my avatar.

Ok next time i’ll find a better Background


I read everything he posts in John DiMaggio’s voice lol

Oh wow.

Shoked ?


That’s a plane? Oh…

Too much fire ?

Sorry :smithicide:

lighting doesn’t match between characters and the hill they’re on, much less the city with anything else in the image. you clearly didn’t isolate anything before burning, because they all have black outlines around them. aside from not blending with the background at all, the fire and smoke look like recoloured clouds, which is not a good thing.

all told, about the best i can say is that it looks like a really, really cheap 50s movie set from before they had even semi-decent greenscreening. if the lighting is inconsistent with one small thing, you might be able to get away with it, but the whole picture? not likely.

For once I agree with you.

The background doesn’t fit, mainly because the lighting and colours don’t match at all. Looks hella ugly. No, worse actually. Characters are random (Perhaps because you used personal skins (and one random Space Marine) in a fucking non-personal skin picture). The fire is made of motion blurred, terribly isolated clouds and yes, that is very fucking ugly too. It doesn’t even have any kind of glow. The smoke could be average, if it, once again, wasn’t so horribly isolated. What the hell is up with the random motion blur in the foreground? And the posing sucks. It really sucks. They all look drunk. And don’t try telling me they all are. No-one is standing or walking naturally. Would you stand or walk like that? No, I don’t think so, unless your muscles, spine and overall anatomy is all fucked up. Try again a few, no, MANY times and post your stuff in the “Want to post your pic without making a thread” thread. When you have improved enough, start making threads again.

And an important note: *Stop using personal skins in non-personal skin related pics unless they fit and YOU HAVE THE PERMISSIONS OF THE MAKERS.