"Badasses" aka Enhanced HL2 Male Characters

We need more headhacks with the main HL2 people.

Shouldn’t Eli have the brown suit and Kleiner have the white one?

Ahhhh, just realized the originals came out over 7 years ago. But yeah, Grigori is looking pretty fly.

Oh yea!

Great vid too.

You can do it by yourself. Use Skin switcher.

Wow, shades and a tuxedo added to certain models makes them enhanced…downloading because I seen the Combine

Moar bank robbers! :smiley:

Well, Jewlery Store robbers in the videos case… :smiley: Res Dogs FTW!

Amazing job! its a great idea to hack these models together :dance:


Where is the download!???!

In the description. It’s above “garrysmod.org is dead”.

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