Wondering if expanding the fauna in game is something being considered for the near future. I’ve seen the concept art for mutated creatures and that sounds fun. Maybe I know I must sound pretty high, but wouldn’t it be cool to have badgers in the game? As things are now the hostile creatures are wolves and bears. Nakeds don’t stand much chance against them, but what if there was an animal that wouldn’t necessarily be as dangerous but still hostile. Something that you could smash with a rock but it could kill you if you just sat there and let it chew on you.

I also think we should have badgers in Rust for the following reason:


Adding more animals and other creatures to Rust is always cool!

But each animal has it’s own ups and downs. Maybe badgers would be easier to kill but would drop less resources.

I fucking knew it the second I saw the title. Now it’s stuck in my head. I hate you. :cry:

Im all for more wildlife, some hostile and some not so. Snakes in the grass, cats, dogs you name it.

I feel that having ‘snakes in the grass’ would be the beginning of many great one liners in subsequent Rust play-through videos.

Oh man… snakes mean venom… which means… poison tipped arrows! That’s officially on my wishlist for Rust now.

Poison tipped arrows mean antidote, and so on.

It would be cool if you could tame a dog and then that dog would follow you and warn you of bears or attackers

There’s been talk about domesticating horses so doing the same with dogs might be something the devs are considering… but who knows?