Bag End floor plan

Hi everyone, I’m getting into mapping and as practice I’d like to make a recreation of the film version of Bag End. I’m looking for fans of LOTR/The Hobbit to help me out with drawing a floor plan, as all the ones on the net aren’t based around the films.
Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Good luck to you, tried this myself before, big LOTR geek, but couldnt pull it off sadly.
I used to have some decent stuff to go on, il have a look to see if I can still find.

Wish you the best of luck, doesn’t look like it’s gonna be easy. I don’t know much about the subject matter but I will do what I can to help you adapt whatever content you can find :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with this one?

First result for “Bag End Floor Plan” in Google Images. Made by Weta Workshops, the same guys who did all the special effects in the movies. It’s accurate too - I’m looking through a folder of Bag End screenshots I took from the DVD, and all the rooms depicted fit the map very well.

In LOTR we mostly see the entrance hall, parlour and kitchen, with bits of the central halls interspersed throughout. In The Hobbit we also see the dining room, the atrium, some more of the halls, and possibly the pantry although I can’t remember for sure (I don’t have the DVD to check). I can send you the folder of LOTR screenshots if you like, but they’re all a bit low quality as I just printscreened Windows Media Player to get them.

That trail from the cold cellar makes me curious. :v:

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Also (found under the same google search) here is a clearer, watermark free version.

I wouldn’t say its clearer but it adds a different perspective to it.

You could try recreating hobbiton if you manage to do this one. Just remember displacements are your friend, that’s where I went wrong.