Bagdad, 2003



ow wait a sec fixing the pic…


BTW the first thing you are going to ask is: where did you get the models? Naaah… im telling you later :stuck_out_tongue:

map…link…right now!

Actually the question I was going to ask was why does it look so clean and tidy if there’s supposed to be war and terrorism ripping through the city.

because of the angle, the mappers already made the city a mess but because of angle you cant see it :]


The map is from Insurgency

That’s great and all, but you at least should have put some debris or blast holes in there. It looks more like the marine just enjoys hanging their on his days off.

Good point, if ill make another one in bagdad ill get some rubble over there BTW that isn`t marine :smiley:

Nice Woodland armor in a desert.

Some troops actually have such armor in the desert.

What models are those marines from?

The camera is fish-eyed.
Way too much bloom.
Wasted space.
Boring pose.
Boring faceposing.

Romka’s H.E.C.U.

No, sgt.shotup hacked the helmet and vest of romkas hecus and then i reskinned it. and the soldier itself is one of rusty`s national guards.




I thought of toy soldiers when I saw the image.

Crappy colors

Too much bloom!
Also needs some shadow edits.

Stop assuming what we’re saying.
And not telling us where the models are is being a big asshole.

I was joking, im not a douchebag keeping the models for himself and saying: i have them and you dont lolz wut! I was going to tell if someone was going to ask for it. And i already told it, look at post 11


And i already pm`d sgt.shotup if he wants to release them.