Baghdad, 2003 V2 [much beter :) ]

the-dutch-guy is makeing a edit for me so thats the reason why there are no muzzleflashes :stuck_out_tongue:

It is better. If I were dutch-guy I’d be having a hard time editing this - the bloom is still pretty strong.

thanks :]

Way to much blur on the gun, should’ve toned it down a little.

Also, what map is that?


ins_ramadi and the blur, i turned the blur down as much as i could but still the gun had to much blur :confused:

No you didn’t, if you turn it down as much as you could, there is none, so obviously you’re lying.

Im really not lying! Dont look at the rifle look at the soldier at the left he doesnt has that much blur, ow wait he does. But im really not lying i swear! Do i need to kneel while i say thousand times i am not lying?!

If you set the blur to 0 in gmod then there will be no blur. So no, you obviously didn’t turn it down completely.

no, not completely but it was almost turned down i swear for the 2nd time


the-dutch-guys edit fucking epic :smiley:

Nice but the posing isn’t that great.

Not a good use of EGO-Perspektive IMO.

So you admit that you didn’t turn it down as much as you could.

God just leave it.

I will leave it but first i wanna say this: No i dont admit that, if i did turned it down completely there would be no blur, i did turn it down as much as i could but not completely because if i did that there would be no blur at all. get it now? >:P

Needs a better camera angle