Bahamut model (FFX)

I was hoping to find a model of Bahamut somewhere on the internet but I couldn’t find it on and didn’t have much luck finding it on here via Google search except for old posts. I have seen screenshots of the one from FFX before (as seen below) but the download files have been taken down since. I’m just wondering if anyone has this particular model and is able to host it somewhere for myself and anyone else who may be after it as well to download it.

Many thanks!

Well i ripped a model From Crisis core Final Fantasy 7 but the rigging is going to have to be done by sombody else, and there’s a small chance that the textures may be screwed up since a few of the other models i’ve ripped came out with crapy textures in the Softimage mod tool.


The exact one I was looking for. Thank you very much!