Bail Out addon : Lowering speed requirement for flying out of the car

Well, i have still the Bail Out addon installed, and i love it.

Just, it’s the fact that i have to go at full speed while boosting in a wall to fly out. Is there a way i can lower the speed requirement so the player will flat-out at lower speeds?

Thanks in advance for the answer. In case you didn’t know, Bail Out was created by Sakarias

Want to link it here? We’d be more able to help if we didn’t have to search for it.

Sure, i will do it right now.

There it is.

Check out lines 385 and 391 of autorun/BailOutCar.lua:

if Vel > 200 then //385

if Vel > 1000 and v.ARRFallSound == true then //391

Modify these numbers and see if it works out for you?

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Actually I just checked out the thread and I found this concommand:

WindShieldCannonThreshold <5-25> (def. 15)

Want to try this before editing the script?

Thank you VERY much sir. Will try these out.

You guys out here are so nice :buddy:

Uhm… \garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\Bail Out\lua\autorun contains JumpOutCar, WindShieldCannon and RocketChair. there is no BailOutCar

My mistake, I meant JumpOutCar.

i checked the lines you said, those are about the modification of the spawn delay (eg. fly out of car at 10mph, and since is slow, end quickly the eject and respawn. If you are faster, then spawn is delayed) and about the “screaming”. Thanks anyway, i will now try WindShieldTresHold.

** LOWERING WindShieldTresHold MADE THE TRICK. **

Thank you very much, splambob. You were really useful to me :buddy:

After checking the script some more I found that the feature we’re talking about is the “Windshield cannon” feature, which is all in another file. It hooks onto damage taken by the driver, rather than vehicle collision like I expected, which is why I was looking for velocity comparisons and constants related to.
That command is definitely what you’re looking for. The script seems to be limited in that the windshield cannon can only fire when you take damage from a collision, which wouldn’t happen if you’re godded for example. Just a little background :v:

Thanks for the information.

You know lua do you :eng101: