Bail out/ Eject

This small addon unlocks some new features for the seats and the vehicles.
With this addon you can bail out/eject from any contraption or vehicle.
You can jump out from seats or vehicles (GTA style).
You can also fly out through the windshield.

Bail Out v 1.3

Bail Out v 1.2

Bail Out 1.0

You now have to bind the keys in console.

Just type “bind X BailOut” and “bind X JumpOut”.
X = the key you want to use
The keys you bind will be the keys you use to bail out or jump out.

Bail Out: Will make you eject in a seat like they do on fighter planes, it works on all seats and vehicles.
Jump Out: You will jump out from the vehicle or seat like in GTA.

WindShield Cannon: Just hit something in high speed.

If you still don’t know how to bind things in console you should take a look at the tutorial video.


Console Commands
All the console commands will toggle between two modes you just type them as they are.

Console example
The wrong way: ChairJump 1
The correct way : chairjump

ChairJump - Disables or enables the ability to JUMP out from seats/chairs like a ragdoll.
ChairEject - Disables or enables the ability to EJECT out from seats/chairs.
CarJump - Disables or enables the ability to JUMP out from cars/vehicles like a ragdoll.
CarEject - Disables or enables the ability to EJECT out from cars/vehicles.

RagdollDamage - Disables or enables the ability for the ragdoll to receive damage.

WindShieldCannon - Disables or enables the windshield cannon.
WindShieldCannonThreshold - Set the threshold when a player should fly out from the windshield. The default value is 15 which i recommend.
Lowest value is 5 and the highest is 25. Values you can use: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. all other values will be rounded up.

Latest version v 1.3

Remember to start a single player game before joining a multiplayer game.
If you don’t the Bail out addon won’t load properly which results in that you can’t use it in multi player.


Kogitsune ( help )
RabidToaster (parachute model)
thegrb93 (parachute model)
-TB- ( Seat spawn when ejecting )

Server hostig and beta testing


Q: Windshield cannon doesn’t work, why?
A: “Drive real fast like the speed of sound” and it will probably work, you should also make sure that the windshieldcannon is enabled.

Q: Where do I put the files?
A: Addons folder.

Q: Nothing works for me! WHY!?
A: You are probably doing something wrong or you have an addon preventing the bail out addon from working properly, make sure you have put the files in the addons folder and read the instructions.

Q: Why is the ragdoll not taking damage.
A: Make sure that ragdoll damage is enabled, remember that when you are playing multiplayer you can’t see the ragdolls health (unless the server has sv_cheats set to 1) but the ragdoll will still take damage.
If the ragdoll still doesn’t take any damage you probably have an addon preventing the bail out addon from working properly.

Haha awesome.

This is pretty awesome.

I don’t like how you press walk to active it. What if you are using Adv. Pod Controller?

How would I set it to F?

Heh, nice mod. But it’d be better if you used the jump or crouch button to eject instead of the walk buttons.

This looks awesome! Nice idea.

same with jeeps and stuff or just seats?

He means the “Quit running” button. The default is alt.

Just what I need for suicide!

I love you.

I love you.

I hate you.


I actually love you.

Epicly creative video and addon. :slight_smile: I am sure this will make a lot of plane builders happy.

Open Bail Out/lua/autorun/RocketChair.lua

On line 19 replace IN_WALK with the key of your choice.

line 19 is this :
[lua] if ply:InVehicle( ) and ply:KeyDown( IN_WALK ) and ChuteOp ~= true and Dont == true then[/lua]

Just seats, except if you have the vehicle addon then it would be possible.

Awesome, good job.


Raptor team, ready for actio–
RPG’s! RPG’s!!!

Eject! EJECT!!!

Cool, now I can make real jets :smiley:

its like theres combine and you have explosives welded (barrels) and they go on fire and your like haha suckers (ppof) and combine are like ALL UNITS AL- BOOM THEY GO BYE BYE to heaven… or should i say …

or should i say HELL MUMUUMUMUMUMAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA oh and then theres a explosive barrel your gonna hit… hahahah suckers your gonna Explod-- OH FUCK KABOOM TeeHee :krad2:

Super idea. Think i’ll have fun with it.