Bail out Soilder jumping from exploding Helicopters

My first and last pose.

I can’t even see what’s going on.

I agree with the above statement.

My eyes…too much bloom.

To much bloom, helicopter vehicle is becoming overused by now.
Not really much to see from the pose. So I can’t see if its good or bad.

Why your last pose?

maybe he didn’t have a good experience

I had to use bloom because I am on a laptop for a while and the models look like Kim Kardashian.
Sorry for the overkill but it was a test, Its my first and likely last.

I cant really see whats happening here because of the bloom, never EVER use bloom ingame.

Also would the heli rotors and stuff be falling off?

Actaully in-game bloom and hdr can do a good cause in screenshots.

You can’t call that a pose.